Monday, July 11, 2011

Going east

All right.
Chapter one of the vacay is over with now.
Karolina and I are taking the boat to Finland early tomorrow morning.
Peter is taking a SAS-flight back to DC tomorrow, as well.

I have no idea when I'll update this blog again, but if you want to you can always keep track via Bloglovin (button to the right on my blog), then you will know right away when a new post is published. I am planning on writing at some point.

It's been a fab, fab stay here in Stockholm. Just perfect!
It has been a pleasure sharing everything with you! Thanks for all your comments and feedback. I will be back on a daily basis in August again!

Jaha, och så var det då dags att styra kosan österut. Tidigt imorgon tar vi Viking Line mot Åbo, och sedan tar vi bussen tre och en halv timme norrut till Strandhovet i Närpes där vi väl dyker upp runt midnatt.
Peter åker tillbaka till Washington imorgon likaså.

Det har varit underbart trevligt och fint här i Stockholm, och det har varit så roligt att få dela med mig av mina intryck till er! NU vet jag inte när jag uppdaterar nästa gång, men håll koll via Bloglovin, det är nog lättast. Klicka bara på länken i marginalen så är det fixat!
Bloggen "öppnar" på heltid igen i augusti.

Några reflektioner till:

* Bregott med havssalt måste vara det godaste smöret. EVER!!!
* Folk röker mycker mer här än i min del av USA. Det är så påtagligt.
* Alkoholpåverkade personer är det också gott om här på gator och torg. Det är det inte min del av Amerikatt.
* Samma "skit" på TV här som där! Samma program, i princip.
* Det är ganska hopplöst att se en långfilm på TV4 om kvällarna. För mycket reklam och avbrott.
* Svenska knäckebrödet, svenska osten och teet är så himla gott. Kvällfika nu för oss.
* MEN, ett ska ni veta, NU åker jag till ÄNNU godare bröd!! NU åker jag till ÄNNU godare skinka! Osten?? finsk emmenthaler is to DIE for!!
* Shoot vad jag ÄLSKAR det svenska fikat!!
* MEN, nu drar jag till kaffelandet numero UNO in the world: Finne-pinnelandet!
* Lokaltrafiken i Stockholm är skitbra! Vem behöver bil i den här stan???

All right!! HAGS!!
Have A Great Summer
(until I write again).

Life in (another) suburb...

I have been showing you pictures from downtown Stockholm. Mostly.
Now it is time to take a look at the nature in the 'burb where I grew up (from age 7), and the 'burb in which my parents live (they are not here, though. They are in Närpes now).
Peter and I took a walk around 21:00 last night, and this is what we saw!

Come along!

The body of water is Lake Mälaren (yes, the same lake you have seen in lots of photos from downtown Stockholm). Lake Mälaren is the third biggest lake in Sweden, and one of the biggest lakes in Europe.

I guess I will have to prove that this is indeed a burb, and a burb in which they are building new condos and apartments at a shocking rate. However, you'll still find so much green space, and the burb is called "the suburb in the forest" by the locals. As everywhere in Stockholm you have walking paths, and bike paths, all around.

This castle used to belong to the "snuff-king" Ljunglöf. Nowadays you can rent it for parties, such as weddings and birthday. It is beautiful inside.
The name of the 'burb? It is Blackeberg in Bromma.

Today is truly the day for packing and cleaning.
It is till warm, sunny and clear. We've been so lucky weatherwise, and otherwise!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nice get-together

Yesterday Peter and I met up with Desiree and her hubby C.
We were invited to their apartment in Hammarby Sjöstad. Both Peter and I had a super nice time over at their place.
The apartment is so cozy, and niceley decorated (of course).

This is the view from Desiree's and C's patio. I love the sight of Sofia Church on the South Side.

Thanks Desiree and C for a great lunch!

About three hours later we hopped on the ferry that takes you downtown. It is so cool that you can take a ferry right outside your house!

The amusement park Gröna Lund.

The Nordic museum

I had a shrimp sandwich for dinner (not a salad this time), and I give it 7,5 out of 10.

We spent the night over at my sister's and Håkan's apartment (our second home).
This morning Håkan and Erik made brunch for all of us.
We had: scones, waffles with sorbet, different cheeses and preserves, ham, coffee, tea or choclate. What a treat!!!

It will be scary tp step on the scale when I get back to the states. There are just too many good things in this country. For me it is defintely easier to eat healthy in the US ;-), but I am not on vacation then, either...

Today I am posting LAAAATE, sorry 'bout that.
Now it is time to pre-pack and do some laundry.

"See" you tomorrow again!!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Nordic light

First of all, THANK YOU so much Millan in England!
Millan sent the magazine "Julia" to us in which Karolina was featured. A friend of Millan is a freelance journalist, and Millan suggested Karolina for the magazine's summer-vacation issue.
Millan also sent some British chocolate and a British food magazine, since she knows that I like to try new recipes!
Thanks, Millan!!

Last night we decided to spend time on the South side of Stockholm. The evening was so warm and beautiful.
We started out in a sky-bar overlooking all of Stockholm. You have a fantastic view at "Och himlen därtill".

Karolina and Erik at the bar.

We had reservations at the very, very good restaurant Sjögräs. The dinner we had there was excellent. We all thought so, even the kids.

And, after the dinner we walked out into the beautiful summer night. The light was so perfect, and so nordic.


This is Mosebacke, a big outdoor bar on the South side overlooking Stockholm. Do you see all the hot air balloons? They were out by the masses last night since the weather was so calm.

Around 22:30.