Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This Week: Random Thoughts

A list

I was going to write about something really irritating to me here. But I am not brave enough to stick my neck (way) out. What I was going to write (an essay) about was this list that I find completely sick and disturbing. You can check it out and see what you think. Personally I could not believe my eyes. I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it on one of the morning shows on the radio.
These ultra-Christian, conservatives scare the heck out of me.
Can you really turn your kids gay if they listen to Cole Porter’s music? Or to Frank Sinatra’s music? Is it THAT bad to listen to Elton John?
Do you turn gay if you listen to Pet Shop Boys? OH and if you listen to George Michael, God forbid, you will probably turn gay overnight…Or?
Where do these crazy people get their nutty ideas from? How can something like this even cross their minds? Can you really turn gay if you listen to Madonna? Please let me just go out and laugh for a bit here, or maybe I should cry? It is so sad that there are people with ideas like these out there.
Safe bands? A handful, check them out on the link I provided. However, Cindi Lauper is on the “safe” list. That made both me and the radio hosts to laugh out loud. Cindi Lauper who is such a gay-icon!!! “Girls just wanna have fun”…
Oh Boy, sometimes you just don’t believe what you are reading, or hearing.

Some Snow?

Guys! I really hope we’ll be seeing some snow around here. I have anxiously been waiting for a blizzard or a bigger snow storm all winter long. Is it time now? I hope that we will all see some beautiful snow on the ground this morning. I hope the schools will be canceled.
I am ready for a day of sledding, drinking hot chocolate and just hanging out. I hope Peter can stay home, as well.
School days canceled because of the snow were un-heard of when I grew up in Sweden. No matter how much snow we had we always had to go to school. I remember days when we had so much snow that you could hardly walk at all, you had to lift your legs and plant them to the ground again thru deep, deep amounts of snow. Usually it was already plowed when it was time to go to school, but not all the time.
So, I find school cancellations here nice, fun and sometimes, just sometimes, a tad bit ridiculous.
Update: The schools are not canceled, it snows, it's coming down. I think it will be an early release today.

American Idol…

Finally we are done with all the boring auditions all over the States. It is finally Hollywood week! Hurray! Now it feels like the contest has finally started. Oh, I know, we cannot vote yet, but soon we’ll be able to do that!
I hope a girl will win this time around! Not that I have even the slightest idea on whom it will be yet. We’ll find out tonight, see who our favorite will be!

...And now, let's watch George Michael sing "Outside"...You go, George!

Have a good Tuesday


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll go first. That was interesting. I don't think I'm a homophobe but wouldn't really want my young kids watching that video. I don't think it was pro-gay, just pro sex. The message "Go outside" could be taken as pro-gay and I feel that is as it should be. I don't think anyone should have to be ostrasized because of their sexual orientation.
The List...the first thing I saw when I clicked on the link for the list was "God Hates Fags"! How disturbing can you get?!? How can anyone believe in a God that HATES anything!?! I hope to God that the people publishing this website are very few and far between and that they live in a tiny commune somewhere and are unable to enjoy even God sanctioned missionary style heterosexual relations!

Snow...yeah we got it. Personally I'm done with it and am ready for daffodils and crocuses. Sorry Annika!
Idol...We're goin' to Hollywood...tonight baby!

Annika said...

Hi Sara!
Yes, that video is pretty x-rated in a way. I don't want K to watch it either. But he did get his message across.
I agree in what you're saying about the list, it is so sick. And I am with you, how can God hate anything?
I hope too that the people that are following the list are few and sparse. sick and sicker...

Snow is falling, I am happy!

Monika said...

A provocative video indeed...but I agree, it does get the message across (I like the ending too)! And exactly, how can God HATE anything?!?! That's not really what I thought God or religion was about... Scary people!! I hope their site gets shut down.

Keith said...

What kind of perverse videos are you putting on your blog!..Anyway, I agree that the list and the website are disturbing. Cyndi Lauper on the OK list? You have to be kidding. A Christian list wouldn't have a woman who sings "She Bop." I find other things frightening, too, but commenting on all of them will take up too much time and space...

Yes, it is nice to see some snow!

I'm ready for Hollywood week and the real competition on American Idol, too.

Annika said...

Monika: He does gets his message across, I think, in a very good way...Though provocative.
Yes, I don't believe that God hates anything. At least my God does not.
I hope that sick site will be shut-down as well.

Oh, I am sure you can handle som good George Michael action.
It is a frightening site, isn't it...Very disturbing.

School is closing early today, go figure!

JaCal said...

Ok, so if they were right, I would be ultra gay - haha! They would die if they saw my iPod. You should cry, not laugh. Sad sad...

I haven't seen any of he auditions shows (usually one is enough, then you kind of "get it". I'll see if I will get the time to follow AI this season. Tuesday nights are House M.D. nights in this house...

"Holding my thumbs" ;-) for some snow in Virginia!

Annika said...

Well, me too...I would be so gay it would flow over. I know, it is so sad with lists like this one.

That's right, you are a House MD fan!

Snowing now. School is closed for the afternoon. See how it all goes tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Love, I don't have access to Youtube videos at work. Anyway, I probably would not watch too much of video since I am not much of a George Michael fan. I agree that the list is ridiculous. It seems these "conservatives" or cult fanatics have zero faith in their abilities to raise children who can make intelligent decisions. I feel sorry for these people because they are so afraid of the world. Each person has the ability to determine what they like or dislike on their own without having to rely on a bunch of idiots who feel the need to shove their bigoted views down our throats. Hopefully, they will come to see the light someday...no pun intended. Love, Pebo

Annika said...

Amen to that! All you are saying is RIGHT ON!