Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This Week: Blabbering...

Now we've been back in the U.S for a week. For the first time ever I flew with a cold. That cold hit me New Year's Eve when we were partying over at my dear sister Sara and her fiances Håkan's house. How fun to start the sniffles, and get a soar throat on that lovely day. But that's exactly what happened to me.
Lovely evening, New Year's. Sara and Håkan went all out, as they ALWAYS do! My sister, the bachelor of dietics-to-be (in only one year!!! Yippey and hurray), and Håkan fixed a lovely dinner...Starting with a Gin Fizz as a welcome drink, lots of appetizers on the table. Dinner started with a salmon tartlet that was divine, for our main meal we had Brazilian Beef which was so enormously good, for desert we had Creme Brulee...SOO good!
Then, after dinner, we sat down with drinks and candy. Sara and Håkan always make sure that "Karamellkungen" (Swedish candy provider) don't go out of business, and YES we appreciate that. Outside people were setting up fireworks, and I only wish you could have seen it, and heard it, at midnight!!! Amazing displays of fireworks! That is one of the things that I love so much in
being in Sweden on New Year's Eve. ALL the fantastic, fantastic fire-works that you'll see! Love it! I have always missed the fireworks here in the US at New Year's. Wish we (in the US) had that tradition , too. When I read blogs written by other Swedes living in the U.S I realize that we all miss the same things---the fireworks on New Year's Eve!
Sara and Håkan live one suburb away from my parents, so instead of taking the tube we walked home at 2 AM. Nice! It was my little family, and my parents that happily set off home that night by foot.

Two days later it was time to board the plane back to the States again. Always sad to say good-bye, but time will fly and soon it will be summer again. And who knows? We might get a visitor before then.
So, we took off!!! NO problems flying with the cold, or so I thought.
It was perfectly fine until it was time to land in Baltimore. THEN the pain started. I thought my ears were going to explode. I could have cried, it was THAT painful. Now I can understand why little children cry on planes.
It has honestly taken me until today to get over the ear ache. And my cold is not totally gone either, deep sigh...Oh well.

I am hitting Tyson's Corner Center tomorrow, Christmas shopping. Yup, you've read that right, on Saturday we will have a Christmas celebration here at our house together with Peter's family. We will then exchange gifts with them (never had time to do so before we left for Sweden), have a bite to eat and then have a good time .
I will NOT fix a traditional Christmas dinner, fugget 'bout it. And who wants it anyway? We are all probably still fed up after eating said food only two weeks ago. NOT to mention all the left-overs it did create.
I will also try to find a pair of sun glasses for myself while in Tysons tomorrow. Actually, I found a pair that was so damn good looking, but I can not justify paying 350 bucks for a pair of sunglasses even though it is Chanel. So, no, I'll try to find another pair, slightly less expensive. I am the queen of ruining sunglasses, and I would freak out if I actually bought an outrageously costly pair and then broke them a week later. But, I sure as hell will look for something decent . I hate being without shades.
NO clothes shopping though...I am NOT allowed to shop any clothes until I have lost five pounds. My goal is to lose 12 pounds. It is just sickening to see, and to FEEL the weight I have put on during the lovely holiday season. But, enough is ENOUGH!

What a blabbering nonsense post this is, sorry about that. But, that happens sometimes. I am sure I will find something interesting to write about next week.

Signing Out!


mie*, absolut guldkant said...

Vilken tur att du fick se lite fyrverkeri denna nyårsafton!

Jag hoppas du kryar på dig! Själv flög jag från Fuerte Ventura med förkylning och jag trodde trumhinnorna skulle explodera:-(


Anne-Marie said...

Att flyga med en förkylning är bland det värsta man kan göra. Gjorde det en gång från USA till Sverige. Jag blev så sjuk att jag fick gå till doktorn.
Fyrverkerierna är en tradition som vore roligt om amerikanerna kunde ta efter. Min mamma sade att folk hade skjutit upp mer än vanligt i år där hon bor.

Annika said...

Ja, det var roligt, roligt att se och HÖRA alla fyrverkerier!!! Älskar det!
Visst, det känns som om trumhinnan ska explodera. Man sitter bara och väntar på att den ska göra just det...Hemskt.

Ja, vidrigt att flyga med förkylning i kroppen. Nu har jag en envis hosta...Är inte frisk ännu. Segt...
Vist vore det kul om amrisarna kunde ta efter vår fina fyrverkeri tradition. känns liksom lite futtigt utan dem...

Keith said...

You had a fabulous New Year's Eve. Quite a spread, too! Mine was drab and boring. I didn’t do anything except to hang out with my cat. Typically New Year's is a silent affair as far as no fireworks, at least none that I have seen. Of course, if you're in NYC you have the dropping of the ball. But really, how exciting is that? I think New Year's is definitely the time to spend with loved ones, a time to reflect on the year's accomplishments and set your sights on new ones. Self-improvement, whether living better or losing weight, is a grand goal to have.

Annika said...

Sorry that your New Year's eve was so boring.
It'll be better next year, I am sure.

Linn said...

fyrverkeri ar nat jag saknar ocksa! Enda fyrverkeriet jag fick se i ar, var pa tv... annars satt man bara inne pa puben som vilken som helst lordagskvall... =/

Hoppas forkylningen blir battre snart!

Annika said...

Jag vet, egentligen är Nyår här som vilken lördagskväll som helst. I Scottland samma sak alltså, där ser man... Inget direkt extra såvida man inte ordnar det själv...

Tack, förkylningen känns lite bättre idag..

Matildas fikarum said...

Jisses vilken god mat ni verkar blivit serverade! Nu blir jag hungrig igen!

Anonymous said...

Hi Love, I had a wonderful time in Sweden this year for Christmas and New Year's. The only drawback was the lack of snow since I dragged my snow jacket and boots with me to Sweden. My entire stay consisted of one fabulous meal after another with family and friends. It started with the fantastic traditional Swedish Christmas Eve meal prepared by your parents and ended with me gaining more weight from Sara & Hakan's delicious New Year's eve meal. I agree with you about the fireworks. It was so much fun to see fireworks in all directions. I also felt so sorry for you on the plane with an ear ache. It just makes traveling that much tougher. At least, your ear is better now. Pebo

Anonymous said...

Hi Annika,
Sounds like you had a great time in Sweden, but when don't you? I'm right there with you on the clothes shopping/weight loss thing. There's nothing more depressing than shopping when you don't feel right in the clothes. Having a goal and rewarding yourself when you reach it sounds like a good strategy! Best of Luck to you!

Annika said...

Mycket, och god mat blev det. Tyvärr känns det i byxlinningen också.

True, true...one great meal after another. Love our GREAT and wonderful friends and family in sweden.
ALL, thanks for everything.
I know, lack of snow...
Yes, I am better now...

No, it sucks being to fat...And it sucks buying clothes then. So, nothing is allowed for me until 5 pounds is GONE.
we'll see how it goes :-)