Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Week: A Super Long Me-Me!

Morning, morning everywhere!!

Tuesday again and I don't know what to write this very day.
I think I will post another me-me. I am a sucker for these lists, to read them and to fill them out.
Petra in Puerto Rico posted this me-me on her blog last week, so now I am just stealing it from her :-)

So here it goes...

1. How old are you in five years? 48

2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? I spent more than two hours with my dear Swedish friends...We had breakfast here at my place. You all know about the Swedish breakfast club! We get together every Monday for food and a good chat. Nice!!!

3. How tall are you? 169 cm

4. What was the last film you saw? Let the Right One In. I just watched it yesterday, and I have got to say that the movie just grows on me!!! I am into Vampires, but not the Twilight vampires so much. It is more like Dracula for me. I own the movie Dracula (with Gary Oldman and Keenu Reeves and Winona Ryder) I’ve seen it countless of times, and I can quote it. Dracula is fascinating, as are vampires. I cannot explain why I never fell for the Twilight trend. I just did not. BUT, I’ve seen Twilight on DVD, pretty good little love story.

5. Who did you last call? Peter, I think.

6. Who last called you? United Air Temp...fun....

7. Do you prefer to call or send text messages? TEXT!!!! TEXT!!! If I can avoid to pick up the phone I am happy, hahah!!

8. Are your parents married or divorced? Married since 1964.

9. When did you last see your mum? MY MOM!!!! On Arlanda Airport in Stockholm on March 15 when I left Sweden for the US. My Dad and Mom drove me there, as they have hundreds of times before (at least it feels like that). Always hard to say good bye. BUT I am not complaining, I see my parents more often than many people see their parents. See you in July again mom and dad!!!

10. What colour are your eyes? Blue

11. When did you wake up today? 4 AM. No I could NOT go back to sleep...

12. What is your favourite Christmas song? Oh Holy Night and Winter Wonderland

13. What is your favourite place? Ah, but my dears...you do know that; That is my summerhouse in Ostrobothnia in Finland.

14. What is your least favourite place? The doctor’s office. YUK. AND THE security check at the airports, and the immigration while entering the US is NO fun either.

15. Where do you think you are in ten years’ time? I think I am here in Reston, in a bigger house. Karolina is in college then. SCARY!!!!

16. What scared you at night when you were a child? Sounds in the dark, and not being able to fall asleep (my sleep has been a bitch my entire life)
17. What made you last laugh? My friends that just left.

18. How big is your bed? It is a queen size bed. I want a KING size so bad I can taste it.

19. Do you have a desktop or laptop computer? Both. But I never use the desk top. I can carry my beloved Vaio with me everywhere in the house.

20. Do you sleep with or without clothes? With a night gown. The room has to be cool. We use the AC in the summer and a fan as well. Gotta stay cool. Always.

21. How many pillows do you have in your bed? 3, plus numerous “squishy pillows”. The whole family is a sucker for those pillows.

22. What countries have you visited? Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, England, Bahamas, Barbados, USA...IS that it??? I think so? I have so much more traveling to do...

23. What cities/places have you lived in? Stockholm, Arlington, McLean and Reston all three are suburbs in Northern Virginia.

24. Not on the list

25. Are you social? Yes in certain situations while I can also be shy if I don’t feel entirely comfortable (this is Petra’s answer, but I could not agree more)

26. What is your favourite ice-cream? Ingman’s Licorice ice cream in Finland, it is the best ice cream ever. I also like Ingman’s blueberry ice cream. Here in the US it is choclate chip cooke dough.

27. What is your favourite dessert? I have no idea...I am not a big dessert person really.

28. Do you like Chinese food? Not so much. I like Thai food and Middle Eastern food a lot though.

29. Do you like coffee? Sorta kinda...Prefer tea...

30. What do you drink for breakfast? Tea, always tea. Except on Monday’s when I drink coffee with the Swedish gals!

31. How do you sleep (side, back, stomach)? Side and stomach

32. Do you know how to play poker? I sure as hell do!!! AND i like it!!! I like playing the "Chicago" version of poker most of all! All right, deal the cards already!

33. Do you like getting cozy/cuddling? Sometimes.

34. Are you an addicted person? Addicted to the internet among other things ...I agree with Petra here. All those great blogs out there...

35. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? Sure, one of my summer child hood friends is born on March 12 1966 just as me. Then my brother in law’s sister is born on March 12, but she’s younger than I am.

36. Do you want children? Yes, I have my girl. No more kids for me!

37. Do you know other languages than English? Swedish. Of course, and a tad bit of German.

38. Have you even been in an ambulance? NO. AND I never want to be.

39. Do you prefer the ocean or a pool? Hard one...I think the waves in the big oceans are too violent. They scare me. I prefer the Baltic Sea then...
It is nice hanging next to the ocean in a chair just letting the waves splash over me.

40. What do you prefer to spend money on? My house, traveling, “the fun in life”.

41. Do you own any precious jewelery? My engagement ring, my wedding ring and my anniversary ring. Other than that I don’t own a lot of precious jewelry.

42. What are your favourite programmes on TV? EASILY Sex and the City!! Always. I am the true SATC girl. I LOVE Friends as well. I also like The Biggest Loser and American Idol.

43. Can you roll your tongue? Sure thing.

44. Who is the funniest person you know? Hmmmm....My brother Gunnar is a riot!!! He is so funny and he ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud. He has such a quick WIT it is almost scary.

45. Do you sleep with cuddly toys? No, no, no....

46. What is your mobile phone ringtone? Some standard NOKIA tune.

47. Do you still have any of your baby clothes? I have a dress here at home that my grandma knitted, and I also have some old clothes that my mom made. SO nice to have them!

48. Dog or cat? CATS!!! I am so NOT a dog person.

49. Do you flirt a lot? Depends on the situation – Maybe not so much anymore. I am a married old girl...

50. Can you change the oil in the car? Nope

51. Have you ever got a speeding ticket? Yes

52. What was the last book you read? The Girls of Riaydh. NOT a good read...AT ALL. Grade: D.

53. The best book you have read? How hard...HOW impossible to answer that question. But I love the Swedish author Moa Martinsson, she wrote about the working class in Sweden in the beginning of the 1900’s. I can read her books over and over and over again...

54. Do you subscribe to a weekly or monthly magazine? Yes to Simple Living. LOVE that mag!!

55. Do you dance in the car? Eh, no…

56. What was the last radio station you listened to? 99,5. A top 40 station in DC. Pretty lousy stuff there, but yet addicting.

57. What was the latest you wrote down on paper? My name on a document.

58. When did you last go church? Eh....I don’t go to church...consider me not very religious. Last time? Maybe Easter 2008.

59. Who was your favourite teacher in 7-9th grade (”junior high”)? JEEEEZ....MY GOD!! I had so many lousy teachers in JR high. The best one???? Beats me. I had good teachers in elementary school and in HS...

60. How long have you camped in a tent? Countless....We used to travel to the island of Gotland many, many summers in a row. It was me and my girlfriends back in the 80’s. DID we have fun or what....

Have a great Tuesday!


Taina said...

Huomenta ystäväni!
Jasså, det blev en lista idag. Kul läsning, för på något sätt så beskriver den personen lite mer. Inte för att jag skulle ställa alla de där frågorna. Typ hur många kuddar och om man sover med gosedjur. Men intressant att se att du har fått fortkörningsböter! Det har Maken fått 2 ggr redan här. Han kör som en dåre!
Kyrkan trodde jag nästan alla gick i här. Religiösa som icke religiösa. Jag har faktiskt göra ett besök i kyrkan i påsk då mina svärföräldrar kommer hit. Har ingen större koll på kyrkorna här, men det finns ett antal. Det gäller att ta den "rätta".
Ha en fin tisdag, som på finska heter tiistai. Vet du att om man ska säga bla bla på tisdag så blir det bla bla tiistaina . Kolla slutet på ordet ;)

Annika said...

Du är underbar!
Dina lektioner får mig alltid att le...
VA? Menar du att du inte skulle fråga mig om kuddar när vi ses??? ;-)
Nej, men listor är bra när man inte vet vad man ska skriva...
Kyrkan...nej, men vet du jag är inte religiös precis. Peter skulle nog gärna gå. Men jag känner massor med amrisar som inte går i kyrkan på regelbunden basis. Jag känner många som går också, sen vet jag inte hur religiösa de är heller, men...Visst, det hör till här på ett annat sätt än hemma.
Fortkärningsböter har jag också fått ja...DÅ skämdes jag, kan jag säga!!!
Kramar, kramar!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, då vet jag att jag ska ta fram mer än en kudde till er alla på lördag ;-) Och svalt i rummet var det! Te har vi som tur var importerat från Europa för det finns ju knappt här (bara ört-te). Och tänk, snart kan du lägga till några fler länder på listan för jag räknar Puerto Rico som ett eget land!
Jag hade också en massa dåliga lärare på högstadiet, mellanstadiet och gymnasiet var så mycket bättre!
Stor kram

Annika said...

Ingen fara, jag vet att det blir bra med bara en kudde också!
DU anar inte så mkt vi uppskattar er generositet!!
TACK så här på förhand också!!
Jag kan lätt dricka kaffe hos er!! Det vill jag gärna!!!
Längtar efter att kunna lägga lite nya länder till min lista under nästa vecka!
På festen i lördags hörde jag SÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ mkt gott om Puerto Rico. Det var så många som varit där, och som älskar det. Många hade varit på kryssning också, och älskade det. SÅ jag längtar!!
Ja, vad var det med lärarna på högstadiet egenrligen? Riktigt USLA!!
KRAMAR i massor!!

Keith said...

Long list! Fun to read! What I want to know is, how does one dance in the car, exactly? Maybe by opening up the moon roof :-) And how do you narrow down best books, or for the matter, favorite teacher in Junior High? The last movie I watched was "Swing Vote." That was OK. In 10 years I may still be in Fairfax.

Annika said...

It is a long list indeed...
Yes, how on earth do you dance in the car? HAHA!!
I did not have a favorite teacher in JR high so that was an easy one to answer.
Always fun to read, and to fill out, these lists.

StrandMamman said...

Jasså du har bott i McLean; sommaren jag tillbringade i USA som 18-åring bodde jag också i McLean, men i NY!

Elisabeth said...

Ojoj vilken lista. Konstiga frågor ibland, speciellt den med favoritläraren på högstadiet! Är det meningen att man ska skriva ett namn, eller vad? Mysko. Jag hade annars en hel del bra lärare på högstadiet (men så var jag nog också en kanske ovanligt snäll elev, så det kan nog spegla min uppfattning något).

Annika said...

JAsså, McLean i NY...Uttalades det MacLANE där också och inte McLean...LIIIN alltså?
Så uttalas det här. Inte som det stavas alltså.

Jamen jag vet...helt galna frågor i mångt och mkt...
Jag var också en snäll flicka i skolan, men jag kan inte minnas en enda lärare på högstadiet som jag tyckte var bra, hemskt va!

Hanneles paradis på Hisingen said...

Så tidigt går jag inte upp, är morgontrött, kram.

Annika said...

SKÖNT för dig. I wish!!!
(ännu en dålig natt för mig, natten som gick)