Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This Week: Things To Get Before You Turn 40...

Marie-Claire Magazine is the best American magazines for women, or so I think. They always have interesting articles about various topics, they have good fashion advice, Fashion for all wallets AND styles. In general a very good magazine. But, I really thought they were pushing it in the November issue. I still don't know if they mean this to be a joke, or not.
I am 40 years old, and there are so very few things on this list that I've actually got that it is not even funny.
So here it goes, a few things taken straight from the list:

1. "A dead serious piece of timeless clothing. MC recommends: the YSL tux for women, 3,560 dollars"
I Say: What a bargain!!! Right, guys, lets just rush out and get this tux right away...And when will we wear it? AND how often can we wear it? Are we willing to wear it twice? I am sure it feels great to wear and is beautiful, but sorry, it ain't gonna happen.

2. "Fancy luggage (a matched set please!!!) No more schlepping around airports with midcentury Samsonite. MC recommends: Gucci's new Guccissima line. Cost: 3,350"
I say: NO DAMN WAY IN HELL!!! Why would I get a fancy-schamnzy piece of luggage for that price? Then you can probably be pretty damn sure that your luggage will be missing on your next trip to Europe. No, I will go to Target and get a set instead. Works for me!

3. "Enlightened. Go see the Dalai Lama in India"
I say: I'd rather go to Paris. OR I can sit on the western coast of Grytskär in Närpes, Finland or on the island of Gotland in Sweden and be more enlightened than I would be anywhere else. I swear! AND as an extra bonus Grytskär is located within rowing distance from my summer house.

4. "A real watch. MC recommends: The Cartier Roadster. Cost: 3,950."
I say: Sure why not??? I wish! However, it will never, ever happen. I can think about a dozen things that I would get before getting a Cartier watch (even though I secretly want this watch).

5. "A Big-Ass TV. MC recommends: Philip's 50 inch Ambilight"
I say: OK, so yes, I would love to have a kick ass flat screen TV. Just give me the 4000 dollars and I will run out and get it.

6. "Smarty Pants Subscriptions. MC recommends: Foreign Affairs, The American Scholar, The Economist. Looks good on your sofa table, read them too"
I say: If I subscribe to a magazine I will make sure it will be a magazine of my liking. Not something I "should" read at 40. We cannot decide for one another what is "smart" reading, right? And why would I spread a bunch of mags out on my coffee table???

7. "Serious ride, Adieu Budget! MC recommends: The Cadillac XLR roadster for 78,495 dollars"
I say: Screw that! If I am to get a new car it is a Toyota Prius, and not a big fuel consuming car.

8. "A decent cup of coffee. MC recommends: The Illy x1 Francis Francis! Espresso machine for 800 dollars"
I say: Why pay so darn much money for an espresso machine? You can get one from Starbuck's for a lot less. AND who says that the coffee brewed in that machine is so superior?

9. "A destination haircut. Go to Paris or LA or NYC just to get your haircut"
I say: Not likely...I have my girl, Laura, here in Reston. Think I'll keep her...

Good things on the list that I can actually agree on?
Sure, a few:
¤ Start an art collection.
¤ Get a mammogram.
¤ A museum membership.

And that will do it for this week...
Signing out.


Keith said...

That's quite a list if you have the money to spend. But I'm with you, why buy or do a lot of these things? I could tick off the reasons applying the same logic with men's clothes. I have no need for a fancy tux, watch or haircut. And I wouldn't pay more than $3 for a cup of coffee and I don't even drink coffee! Just to tell you I get my daily cup of tea from 7-Eleven and that costs $1.31 for 16 ounces of goodness. As far as spiritual enlightenment, it's a push to visit the Dala Lama in India. And what can he tell me anyway? If anything I'd see the Pope and that's only because I'd be in Rome at the time. I've cut down considerably on my magazine subscriptions and none of them are what I'd consider "high brow." And even then I so infrequently have guests that there's really no one to be impressed by what I read. As for a luxury car, with something that is valued at $78,495 I'd be too paranoid of getting into an accident or something else. Who wants to waste all that money? I could agree with the kick-ass TV, but those are coming down in price so quickly....Of course, a museum membership is a must as well as getting my own check-ups. And it depends on what is meant by art collection. A Monet or Van Goh? Or art work? In any case, art does liven up one's home.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are starting to sound just like me! Cheap!! Just kidding. But one has to be careful with the money unless you are filthy rich...I think you could re-write that list and make it achievable for the average person. You know what they say - class and style does not have to cost a bundle...SB.

Annika said...

Art collection...No not a Van Gough or Monet collection. where can you get a hold of that stuff anyway? No, I mean more in the line of local artists. Some original art work on the walls instead of mass produced prints. I am all for that, and i hope P and I can start a collection soon.
I pay 4.15 for my latte. I think that is way too much!
And you are right...the big screen plasma TVs are coming down in price.

Hi girl! I felt a little "Simple Life:ish" when I wrote this post today, but what on earth? I cannot possibly agree on the junk that MC had written. what a joke for the average person!
Hey, maybe I will re-write the list...stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

You just KNOW I have an opinion on this stuff! Okay first of all in the beginning of your post you mentioned that you think "MC is one of the best magazines for American women"...Sounds to me like you should change that to MC is one of the best magazines for "filthy-rich-spoiled-american-elitist women"! This list makes me absolutely want to PUKE. Sorry, but it's garbage like this that just gets me crazy. Any idea how far that 4000 dollars would go in a third world country, how many children's lives can be saved with 4000 bucks??? Actually, it has been calculated that to save a life of a child in a third world country costs a whopping $250. That means that with the money they want us to spend on a plasma TV we could save the LIVES of 16 actual people! Just think if you added up the entire list of "Must Haves" how many lives that would be????
Sorry, I think I'll pass on the subscription...

Annika said...

But I do like the magazine...Can't get around that. And I am surprised that MC did publish this CRAP!
I thought it was a joke when I read it. cannot wait to see if that article will get reactions from readers in the next issue.
Yes, even if I was FILTHY rich I would still not get the stuff they are writing about. NO WAY!
You are right in what you are saying about this amount of money saving lifes in third world countries.

JaCal said...

I like MC too - it's actually the ONLY women's American magazine I still subscribe too (I love magazines in general, but have dumped the others after finding them too boring). I like the fact that they take a stand on many issues and that the stories varies a lot. But this kind of surprised me, it's more of an In Style or Elle feature... But then, I'm not yet 40 so maybe I just to young to understand... *fniss*

And I'm quietly wondering if the editors have EVER traveled... have they seen what the airlines does with your bags??! My "midcentury Samsonites" are the only ones that survives a trip to Europe in one piece. Still nice looking? Nope - but at least it made it! ;-)

Annika said...

Hi there! MC is GOOD! I think of it more like a Euro-mag than an American mag. It does have really good articles, and it does take a stand!
This article did surprise me. A LOT! It was so not like MC to publish something like that.

Right on ,babe, a midcentury suit- case is the way to travel. OR get some new bags from Target. I would never buy designer suit cases...NEVER EVER!!! Makes ZERO sence to me!

MaryKate said...

Annika - I'll take me In Style subscription over Marie Clare anytime. I love seeing what the celebrities have on, and frankly, they can afford to spend the money on the silly list.

Personally, we get Entertainment Weekly and Premiere magazine. Both of which I read cover-to-cover. But I'm not quite the fashionista you are!

I'd much rather have comfy yoga pants and a sweatshirt to wear than a fabulous suit. LOL!

Margo said...

Loved your blog! I was laughing myself to death! I agree with you in your outrage & comments! I enjoy Vanity Fair a lot; you might like it, too.

Annika said...

Sure. I enjoy In Style as well. Super fun to see what the celebrities are wearing. Agree!
EW and Premiere are good too.
But, I stand firm to MC...Best mag for me!

NO, yoga pants and sweatshirts are not for me. Unless I am home alone and nobody can see me :-)))
But, alas, the YSL tux doesn't cut it for me. NO WAY!!!

I have only read Vanity Fair a few times. They usually have very good photo issues right?
I'll try it again!
Glad you liked todays post!

Anonymous said...

Hi love, I agree with the opinions above. The article should be titled "What the Bill Gates family should buy". They should then throw in your own private jet and island to add to the fantasy theme. If I had a windfall of cash, I would splurge on cool items for the house like a media room, game room, art collection and pool. I may even buy a second vacation home. I would never waste my money on expensive tuxes, watches or luggage that require a trained eye to know the difference in value. Spending 4K on a tux does nothing for me other than making me feel like an idiot. Love, Pebo

Annika said...

True..if we were to get tuxes for 4000 bucks we would be true idiots. Luckily for us we never will, ha, ha!!!!

Monika said...

Excuse me, but what planet are these people from?!? Even if I had that kind of money I wouldn't buy any of that stuff! Most of it is so totally uninteresting to me. I do like my 50$ espresso machine though :-) And ok, we do have a flat screen TV... But I watch wearing my yoga pants and sweatshirt :-)

Matildas fikarum said...

I like your comment about Grytskär, Annika. Who needs the Dalai Lama in India when you've got the Kvarken archipelago to ponder on. I know as I used to spend my summers not so many miles away from where you were.

Annika said...

I think this must have been some kind of wicked joke. But...then again, maybe not.
Anyway, I KNOW you have a kick ass flat screen! Good. I want one too! Otherwise there is nothing on the list thap appeals to me (OK, the Cartier watch ;-)))

Really!!! Where were you? On the Swedish side of Kvarken?
Lovely. lovely area! Miss it ALL the time. Really!!!

Matildas fikarum said...

Same side as you. A bit further, though.

Matildas fikarum said...

further NORTH, I mean.

Annika said...

WHERE??? Nu blir jag nyfiken!!! North of Vasa?

Suzanne said...

What's the big deal about turning 40 anyways? Why do we need to crame a whole bunch of things in and buy a ton of things before turning 40. Are we expecting to die at any moment after that fateful day? I think any article that puts weight on "what have you done so far in life" is obnoxious!

Matildas fikarum said...

Strax utanför Vasa.

Annika said...

Obnoxious as anything! Really irritating article.
I know, cram as much into your life as you can before 40 because after that it is TOO late. Then you are only an old, ugly hag...Or what???

Himla kul! Då vet du vad jag snackar om när jag skriver om Österbotten!