Monday, October 23, 2006

This week: TV-series

The best drama show right now!!!

Thirty-something, my all time favorite drama series!

My blogging for the next two weeks will probably be at some kind of "stand still". I don't have time to blog, nor do I have time to read my regular blogs. SO sorry about that! But, everything will be back to normal soon. Now I am just enjoying my brother, sister-in-law (to be) and baby Ella!!!
But, I will blog about TV-shows tonight! Now I have time to write when all of us are in bed, and it is only me and my lap top.

What are your all time favorite shows?
Here are some of mine:
¤ Thirty-something...For me it is probably the ultimate TV-show. I think I watched, and loved, every single episode of the four seasons that it run on ABC. It was an every-day regular life show with characters that were easy to relate to. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!!!
¤ Grey's Anatomy...My ultimate show of 2006. Easily my big favorite of all shows out there right now. McDreamy and McSteamy have it ALL!!! Same with Addison Montgomery-Shepard, and Dr. Yang! My two favorite female characters of the show! And all right, Dr. Bailey is great, too. Grey's is MY favorite TV-show in a long, long, long time!!! Oh, and can't you tell that the team of "Thirty something" is behind "Grey's" as well? Peter Horton is directing!!!
¤ Cosby Show...The Cosby Show is probably one of the best sit-coms ever made, in my opinion! I remember how my whole family sat glued in front of it in the 80's. We all loved it!
¤ Sex and the City...Things get harder since this is probably my all time favorite kick-ass show! I have every single episode on dvd, and I have no problems watching it over and over and over again. Especially in the company of a very good friend and a glass of wine, or a Cosmopolitan on hand!
¤ Friends...Lovely sit-com that I loved the first five seasons of! Got kind of tired of the whole Ross and Rachel scenario in the end.
¤ ER...Used to watch it ALL the time, but got tired of it many years ago. To this day I still remember the episode "Love's Labor Lost"...It shook me to the ground. I was pregnant myself when watching it, and I cried for hours after the show was over with.
¤ My So Called Life...Peter and I used to love this short lived show. I am very sad, still, that they canceled it after only one season.
¤ Sopranos...What a show! What carachters! Love Tony Soprano!
¤ Little House on the Prairie...Childhood memories that I now share with Karolina. We have enjoyed several seasons of the show on dvd.
¤ Dallas...Need I say more????
¤ Roseanne....I used to love it. Peter used to hate it.
¤ Home Improvement...Yes, yes, yes...One of my favorite sit-coms. LOVE Tim Allen!
¤ Seinfeld...Classic, classic!!!

These are a few shows that I love, and I have loved. As usual, I have probably forgotten many, many, many!!! So please give me your lists. I would love it!
Good Night!

Cosby Show, another good one!

Do I love this show or what!!!


Monika said...

Great subject :-) And I agree with you on a lot of shows. My all time favorite is also "Thirtysomething" - the best! I'd love to buy THAT show on DVD and to watch all the episodes in order, from beginning to end! Why isn't it available?!?
My runner-up is "3rd watch" - I absolutely LOVED that show! It moved me in so many ways. In general I love shows that involve hospitals so yes, I (still) love ER, a show that I discovered very late so I still get to enjoy reruns of episodes that I haven't seen :-) The first episode I saw was when Carter and Lucy got stabbed by a patient and Lucy died. I cried my eyes out and then I was hooked! (strange, I know...)
I too love "Gray's anatomy" - the hospital again, but with a sense of humour.
Favorite sitcom of all times is "Friends" - it always made me laugh. "The Cosby show" was a favorite while growing up. "Sex and the city" - OH YES!!! LOVE IT! Discovered that one pretty late too so again I get to enjoy reruns of episodes that are still new to me.
Favorite shows right now are "Lost" and "Desparate housewives".
What else? Yes, of course "Dallas" (but I actually liked "Falcon Crest" better) and "The little house on the prarie" - cried every time!. I also read all the books.
I also really liked "Melrose Place". And then there were all those mini-series in the 80's... well, I could go on and on! But it's time to go see the chiropractor. Have fun with your guests!

Keith said...

You have quite the list! Some of those shows are among my favorites including Friends and ER. Currently, I have two dramas that I cannot miss, Lost and Prison Break. But I'm also getting hooked on Heroes, a sci-fi show on NBC. If I could name a favorite sit-com it's My Name is Earl. Of course I enjoy reality shows, most of all Dancing with the Stars and Amazing Race.
All time shows, I rank Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere and Cheers up there. At times I watched Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. Others include Moonlighting and Remington Steele. That's what I could think of off the top of my head.

Annika said...

Monika: Yes I know...WHY isn't thirtysomething availiable on dvd? I am checking on it all the time on But so far--nothing.
I cannot wait until it comes out on dvd.
Melrose Place was a favorite for me too.
Thanks for your list!

Keith: I agree with you on the reality shows you've listed. LOST is a good show, oh yes, but there are too many questions and very few answers. I am starting to get a little tired of that.
I don't watch "Prison Break", same with "Earl".
I used to love 90210 as well, same with Remington Steele. I wanted to be Laura Holt. Tried to look like her when I was around 18 :-)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Love,
I agree with most of your shows. Currently, my favorites are Lost, Prison Break, Friday Night Lights, Studio 60 and Grey's. Some of my all time favorites, in addition to your list, are Miami Vice, X-Files, Hill Street Blues, Six Million Dollar Man, Happy Days, Nightstalker, NYPD Blue, LA Law, MASH, Cheers and Seinfield. I am sure I have plenty more but can't think of them now. Love, Pebo

Annika said...

PeBo: Lets see...I was never a fan of Miami Vice, or the x-files or NYPD Blue...But Cheers was great, and MASH to for that matter.
Thanks for your list. Love!

Matildas fikarum said...

I loved the first couple of seasons of Third Watch. An unbelievably well made series. Then they cut the funds for proper cinematography and overall the whole show deteriorated. But I'd love to have the first years's worth of episodes on DVD.

Annika said...

Matilda: Third Watch is a show I've never got into. Maybe I will rent it on dvd one of these days...

Anonymous said...

Fame, how about that show??? we loved it!!!
And then we have som good Swedish shows....Like "Svenska hjärtan" or "Swedish hearts"...remember...

Annika said...

Swede-gal: Yes, FAME was so darn good!!! I had all the albums, too!

JaCal said...

How funny! I just found your blog - and I also blogged about the Thirtysomething-show the other day! What a coincidence!

Wasn't that just the best show!!

I was googling a bit when I was doing my post, and found this link to a place to claim to sell the dvd - but on (my preferred seller...) they claim it's not yet relesed):

Someone also put up two episodes on YouTube:


Annika said...

Jacal: Thanks for commenting on my blog! Yes, thirty-something was an outstanding show! I want it on DVD!!! Thanks for the tip on YouTube. will check it out!!!
I am blogging in English every Tuesday. Welcome back!!!